Advanced Topics from Calculus

2019-2020 Spring
Numerical Sciences

This is the final module from Calculus series at Milestone. As opposed to the previous modules – where the necessary fundamentals were developed at advanced school level -, the goal here is more to highlight some more advanced topics, techniques from undergraduate level Calculus going beyond the UK high school curriculum and to motivate students to study this area in depth. Consequently, the style of the module will be more relaxed, but the material shall be very challenging. The material will be a selection from: ordinary and partial differential equations, calculus of variations, Taylor/Fourier-series, transforms, functionals. Mainly mathematics/physics Senior students students who completed the Calculus 2 module with good grade and are interested in more advanced topics are expected to take this module. A firm knowledge of the core of Calculus 1-2 is essential. The grade is based on class activity and on homework assignments.

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