STEP preparation

Module Leader:
Abdorreza Panahi
2018-2019 Spring
Numerical Sciences

The STEP (Sixth Term Examination Paper) is a well-established mathematics examination primarily used by the University of Cambridge as part of their conditional offer for candidates wishing to read undergraduate mathematics. It is designed to be more challenging than the traditional A level exams, specifically targeting the top 3% of sixth formers; whilst remaining entirely within its syllabus.

This module provides an introduction to problem solving through carefully selected STEP questions. It introduces mathematical ideas which you may not have been taught at school, and show how some of the formulae commonly used in A-levels are derived.

Each module consists of a selection of STEP questions, together with hints and solutions. The modules also contain some topic notes which consists of useful formulae you should be aware of, together with some general hints and advice.

Matrices are a new addition to the 2019 STEP specification for papers 2 and 3. This module introduces you to the matrices topics included in the STEP 2 specification. This STEP 2 module consists of some matrices questions from a range of sources, some topic notes and useful formulae.

Complex numbers have been on the STEP specifications since 1987, but in recent years were only on STEP III. For 2019 onwards some of the complex number work might be tested on STEP 2. So, This module introduces you to the complex number topics included in the STEP 2 specification.

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