Physiology I.

Module Leader:
Nha Le
2018-2019 Summer
Immersion 1
Natural Sciences

The aim of this module is to give a more advanced knowledge of the cellular physiology. The term physiology originated from the ancient Greek, and it means “nature, origin”. The discipline is a branch of biology dealing with the functions and vital processes of living organisms or their parts and organs. Furthermore, the subject itself gives answers to many aspects within a functional scope, rather than a structural approach. Throughout the module, basic knowledge of cellular structures will be reviewed briefly so that students will be able to build up their own physiological information. Half of the module will deal with cellular physiology. Then, homeostasis will be discussed, specifically acid-base homeostasis. Last but not least, thermo-regulation will make for an interesting final chapter. On successful completion of the module students will generally have perfected their ability to understand the different between cellular physiology and cellular biology, as well as how acids and bases are balanced within an organism, and how a living body can regulate its own temperature in spite of external changes.

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