Minority and Identity (Debate 1)

Module Leader:
Ákos Erzse
2018-2019 Summer
Social Sciences

The module will provide an opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding of the foundational concepts of identity, minority, intersectionality, and oppression. By exploring ideas surrounding race and ethnicity, class, gender, age, disability, and seeing how these factors come together to influence the life and position of individuals in society, the module provides insight into the complexity of human relationship, socially constructed norms and expectations, and provides you with the conceptual tools to question and dismantle such assumptions; encouraging critical thinking. By fostering your self-awareness and recognition of your positionality, as well as the various complex layers of oppression present in society, the module will also aim to enhance your qualitative research skills. Furthermore, the seminars will include a debating component, whereby you will have to form two groups and argue for or against pre-prepared statements or questions, helping you to build skills in exchanging ideas and public speaking. The module is relevant for students interested in politics, sociology, social anthropology, and economics.

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