Big Questions of the Universe

2018-2019 Summer
Numerical Sciences

This module aims to raise as yet unanswered questions in Science, especially in modern physics. The current status of the answers will be shown, though these solutions are still incomplete. The goal of the module is to encourage students to ask questions and think the problems over thoroughly, maybe also create new ideas. By completing this module the students will get a good insight into why modern physics is extremely interesting and what some of its specific fields involve. We will start with the Big Bang Theory and how our universe evolved, before we will discuss how we can use science in order to understand our world. In this process, we will explore in detail what scientists do at CERN, and dark matter, dark energy, gravitational waves and the basics of Quantum Mechanics and General Relativity will be explained. We will also deal with extreme temperatures, new states of matter, fusion and global warming as well. For more detailed description, please look at the sections down there.

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