Module Leader:
Borbála Lőrincz
2017-2018 Autumn
Social Sciences

The module will give an introduction to the complexity of social issues and the significance of equally complex responses from social scientists, social workers and policy makers. Taking the Roma minority of Hungary as a case study we will go through the problems that hinder the integration of this community, while pointing out potential solutions that rely on methods of different social sciences. The course will also include field visits to organizations where students can gain first-hand experience about the practical operation of the examined branches of social science.

Students of the module will understand the complexity of social reality and the inability of simple answers to provide solutions, therefore they will become more critical citizens. They will become familiar with the basic methodology and goals of different branches of social science. They will learn about the historical background and current affairs of the Roma minority in Hungary, and about successful and failed attempts of integration. Students of the module will understand that social issues (such as the exclusion of the Roma minority) develop and function structurally, but in order to solve them we need responses on the level of agents (local and specific).

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