Module Leader:
Árpád Földessy
2017-2018 Summer
Immersion 1
Social Sciences

The module will build on an online microeconomics course of the University of Illinois as its main resource, next to a textbook. Of this course we plan to use the resources that are the most appropriate for our purposes – that is the online recorded lectures. Quizzes, group discussions of this course can be ignored by Milestone students. Instead, the seminars at Milestone will serve as the venue of real discussions and participative understanding of the material covered. For each week the home assignment will consist of watching the Illinois videos paired with a problem set uploaded to Moodle before the week. These problems will not only test students’ knowledge on the material explained in the videos, but will also enhance understanding by making students put what they learned into practice. At the seminar we will have an open and inclusive discussion of the lecture’s topics as well as we will review to solutions and implications of the assigned problems. Students will be expected to take part in the discussions and in jointly solving problems during the class.

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