Cognitive Psychology

2017-2018 Autumn
Immersion 1
Multiple Disciplines

Cognitive Science is an inherently interdisciplinary research area. Narrowing our focus down to Psychology still allows us to touch upon research questions and methods that are rather representative in other related disciplines (computer science, biology, linguistics, philosophy, etc.). Every class throughout the course allows students to get acknowledged to one of the main research fields of human cognition.
We will start with the example of perception to demonstrate what sort of computations allow our minds to interpret the environment. Afterwards, starting from infant cognition and a developmental perspective, going through problem solving, learning, memory arriving to language acquisition/use, students will learn about the most important questions being
currently investigated in the most dominant areas of Cognitive Psychology.
However, emphasis will be put on research methods and paradigms, an equally important goal is to point out the advantages of  the interdisciplinarity of the field, which in turn will provide students with the skill of being able to utilize their knowledge acquired in other fields of science.

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