Basic Mathematics 2

Module Leader:
Dávid Szabó
2017-2018 Spring
Numerical Sciences

This is the continuation of Basic Mathematics 1 module in the sense that the goal and the style of these modules are the same. But since the topics are almost independent, this module will not build too much on the previous one. The module in primarily for Sophomore students interested in numerical sciences. It is aimed to give introduction and insights to topics in mathematics of various level. Another goal is to learn some of the prerequisites of the Junior and Senior year numerical sciences modules. The plan is to involve students as much as possible at the thinking and problem solving process at the classes. The techniques and tricks are to be learned by solving interesting questions together. The module covers topics from algebra, geometry, analysis and probability. The plan for the concrete topics are conditional probability, Markov chains, modular arithmetic, finite geometries, mathematical constants, matrices, grid polygons. Class attendance is extremely important to understand the concepts. The grading is based on the activity at classes as well as on homework assignments.

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