Organic Chemistry

Module Leader:
Gábor Endresz
2016-2017 Summer
Natural Sciences

Organic chemistry is essentially the study of carbon-based compounds. The beauty of this discipline comes from the same source as its difficulty: complexity. The variability of organic compounds is basically infinite thanks to the special properties of carbon. This module focuses on topics and concepts, with an emphasis on the structure of molecules, that will provide a good foundation for later studies. We will start by discussing the electronic structure of carbon and its compounds while bridging the gap between the high school curriculum and modern models based on quantum chemistry. Students will learn how to represent the spatial structure of organic molecules and how structure and functional groups determine the physical and chemical properties of organic compounds. Finally, students will become familiar with the basic concepts of pharmaceutical chemistry and medicine development. Since organic molecules are the basis of life as we know it, learning about their properties, structure and reactions is essential not only for future chemists, but also for students who want to follow a career in biological sciences or bioengineering.

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