Music Composition

Module Leader:
Dániel Bolgár 
2016-2017 Spring
Immersion 1
Arts and Humanities

All of us have inner feelings, thoughts, wishes that we try to express somehow. One of the purest ways to share these inner feelings is through music. In fact, many think that this is the ultimate goal of music production, composition – to make the audience feel the emotions the composers intended. Composing music is just like speaking a language. Music theory is the name of this language – a tool of emotional communication. There is an old saying: „you cannot break the rules until you learn the rules…” These rules do not limit one’s creativity; on the contrary, they liberate it. We hear the application of music theory not only in classical music, but in much of today’s music, be it hip-hop, alternative, folk, electro, pop etc. Learning theory and then applying it must be coupled with an instrument in order to be able to relate to music better and develop the skills required. Historically, as well as in the current DAW-centric world the piano has been seen as the most important instrument, so we will be using the keyboard for our examples. By finishing this module you will learn about basic music theory, you will be able to apply the theory in practice, and thus have the power to express yourself through music.

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