2016-2017 Summer
Social Sciences

What do you expect to encounter when you visit another country? Do you expect to be able to have coffee at Starbucks, and burgers at McDonald’s? Do you expect to find at least one iPhone repair shop? These expectations may be rooted in an imagined standard of what distant societies should have as markers of modernisation. We are often unaware of the transnational relations shaping these expectations and realities which are increasingly connecting the local to the global. These expectations are the outcome of what has come to be called ‘globalisation’ and the complex web of relations with social, economic and cultural implications supporting it.

This module will introduce you more deeply to the concept of globalisation and to the relations which make it possible. It will focus especially on the environmental implications of a globalised world as both a driver and an effect of the phenomenon’s emergence. It will be especially useful for students interested in global environmental issues, human geography, development studies, or international relations.

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