From Selfie to Self-Portrait: Photography Workshop

Module Leader:
Péter Trembeczki
2016-2017 Spring
Immersion 1
Arts and Humanities

The participants of this course will make an effort to create their own portraits through a photograph, a series of photographs or other visual media. In order to create a good portrait, students are encouraged to make valid statements about themselves and then turn these statements into images. The pictures will not necessarily depict participants’ faces, but also objects, interiors, lights, or other picture elements through which the choose render their own personality. During the course a set of pictures will be printed and installed for a final exhibition where the participants give a short presentation about how they developed their projects.

The course simultaneously touches on the disciplines of visual art, media and psychology. It also deepens the participants’ technological skills. Since the students are exposed to each other’s works and projects, the course enhances their critical thinking and their sensitivity towards their peers’ works and ideas.

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