Basic Mathematics 2

Module Leader:
2016-2017 Spring
Numerical Sciences

The aim of this module is the same as Basic Mathematics 1: to introduce to the several vaguely related basic concepts needed at Junior and Senior year mathematics modules and to motivate students to choose these modules. We will focus on the base pillars of the mathematics and physics modules (Calculus, Algebra and Geometry) as well as having a glimpse at other mathematics oriented modules (Discrete Mathematics, Probability). This module is ideal for students who want to focus on numerical science modules at later years. The topics covered is planned to be the following: the logarithm and trigonometric functions and their properties, the geometry of the plane using complex numbers and matrices, combinatorial counting problems and graphs, conditional probability and Markov chains. The topics of this module will not be strongly connected to that of Basic Mathematics module, however some understanding from that module is helpful besides having good general mathematical and logical skills. The grading is based on homework assignments (problems solving) and class attendance.

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