Area Studies: Middle East

Module Leader:
Dávid Győrfi
2016-2017 Autumn
Immersion 1
Arts and Humanities

This module aims to tackle the vast topic of the Middle East. Our goal will be to develop an accurate view on the peoples dwelling the Middle East, their culture and heritage. Our seminal focus will of course be Islam, since the Islamic history and law is definitely a main contributor to what we find today from Morocco until Western China and even further. The sessions will be organized rather chronologically, looking into the Tribes, States and Empires who’s influence is still essential in requiring a consistent understanding. On the way we will examine core texts, such as the Holy Qur’an and the stories of the Prophet (Hadis). Consequently, we will also take a look at the languages spoken in the area and students completing this module will be able to determine which languages are used in any news broadcasts, as long as the background looks like a desert. Albeit our focus is the background, our last session will take a deep look into what is going on today in the Arabic and Post-Soviet world. This module will require regular readings and a short final essay, whereas the topic will be chosen by the student but controlled by me.

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