Migration, Asylum and Trauma

Module Leader:
Adrienn Kroó
2015-2016 Autumn
Social Sciences

This module involves three interlinked and highly relevant 21. century issues, which will be explored through scientific theories, academic articles, and personal experience. Migration, be it voluntary or forced (escaping wars, conflicts, natural disasters and other emergencies), can have complicated and long-lasting consequences at the social and psychological levels of individuals concerned. After leaving the stability of home, country and culture, migrants endure hardships throughout their journey into safety and in their host countries as well. They often feel alienated, isolated, and struggle from discrimination and violations of their basic human rights. Psychological trauma is a field that has been studied extensively in the recent years due to experience of collective disasters, wars, terror and violence. The course will focus on the trauma of migration and exile, as well as the everyday stressors and psychological consequences of living far from home.

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