Film Music

Module Leader:
Dániel Bolgár 
2015-2016 Summer
Arts and Humanities

The Introduction to Music and the Moving Image module will focus on the often overlooked aspect of the movie seeing experience, namely, on the music itself. During four sessions we will get to know some of the most important and popular soundtracks of the present and past. We will be watching and analyzing scenes from American and European movies in order to familiarize ourselves with the techniques of film composers (e.g. John Williams, Hans Zimmer, Alexandre Desplat, Nino Rota, etc.) and in certain cases, also with directors who took matters into their own hands (Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino, Stanley Kubrick, John Carpenter). We will try to find answers to how music serves the film, how it can affect our emotions. After all, a good film score is much more than simple background music; whilst often subtle, it adds depth and intensity to a film. This module will develop appreciation of film art, public speaking skills, and critical thinking.

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