Development Economics

Module Leader:
Suparna Das
2015-2016 Autumn
Social Sciences

The module will offer a comprehensive approach to understand about economic development, where countries stand in terms of income, trade, development and poverty. Identification of the factors responsible for some countries’ slow development and persistent impoverishment; the challenges that low-income countries face; will help to understand the inequality in economic and social parameters between developed and underdeveloped nations. Topics will be covered are measurement of economic development using different indicators, basic theories of economic growth along with few empirical literature which are relevant to explain different growth trajectories across countries, poverty traps and related policy recommendations. This is to provide a base for learning and motivate economic thinking in this area of research. The overall objective is to enhance students’ capacity to analyze economic growth problems particularly in low income countries. This module will be useful for students in interdisciplinary fields like, sociology, labor economics, gender economics and political economics apart from development economics.

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