Introduction to Epigenetics

Module Leader:
Péter Hollósi
2014-2015 Summer
Natural Sciences

In this course, an overview will be given on our current understanding of epigenetics. Although very poorly represented in text books, epigenetics has become one of today’s hottest topics in natural sciences. The discipline deals with how we can fine-tune the myriad of genetic information we have in each of our cells, without actually changing the code itself, yet in a heritable manner. While going through such mechanisms, lexical knowledge in basic molecular and cell biology will be put in context. Meanwhile, real-life consequences of epigenetic control to basic body functions and health will be discussed through particular examples of diseases and medical applications. Scientific methods used in epigenetics research will be introduced and explained, first in theory, then in real practice by visiting a laboratory at the 1st Department of Pathology and Experimental Cancer Research at Semmelweis University.

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