Biology and Chemistry: Introduction to Genomics

Module Leader:
Csaba Bödör
2013-2014 Summer
Natural Sciences

This module lead by Csaba Bödör will give you an overview of the recent advances in the field of molecular genetics leading to a series of crucial discoveries, which resulted in revolutionary new approaches in biomedical research as well as cancer treatment. The main goals are to obtain a basic understanding of the fundamental concepts in molecular biology. Conventional and novel methodologies used in laboratory research will be discussed based on their application in basic research and clinical setting. Basic aspects of targeted therapy and personalised medicine will be covered as well. Providing the students with a basic training in using the online resources used in the field of molecular biology will be an important aspect of the workshop. Online tools such as Pubmed, genome browsers including ENSEMBL and USCS will be presented and discussed. As the final session on the workshop a visit to a molecular diagnostics laboratory in Budapest is planned. The workshop will have five sessions (contact time) and additional effort will be required from the students after and between these sessions for reading the recommended reading material, analysis of training datasets and preparation of their presentations (6-8 hours/session). The recommended reading material will be prepared and made available by the workshop leader. The workshop is recommended to students who are interested in studying natural sciences (including biology, genetics, chemistry and biochemistry), biotechnology or medicine.

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