Milestone at a Glance

The Milestone Institute was founded as a national centre of advanced education with the aim of inspiring gifted students in their quest for academic excellence, their pursuit of scholarly curiosity and their passion for leadership. Located in the heart of Budapest, the Institute’s principal aim is to create a community of intellectuals, scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs who are ready to act as catalysts of change along with democratic and egalitarian principles.

Milestones reached

On the 10th Anniversary of its founding, the Milestone Institute has a vibrant and diverse community of 350 high school students spread across our four-year academic programme; 992 alumni at many of the world’s top 150 universities; and a teaching community of over 180 academics. Milestone students over the years have come from over 140 different high schools and from all parts of Hungary, some even from as far as Austria, Slovakia or Serbia. Our alumni have received over 3500 offers from internationally recognised universities, 137 of our students have studied at the University of Cambridge and Oxford, where Milestone alumni traditionally gain places with remarkable success rates.

The Milestone Institute offers now 150 academic modules ranging from classics to neuroscience, spread across an academic year with three teaching terms. Milestone students have won numerous national and international Olympiads and awards and regularly attend international conferences. In addition, the Milestone Institute hosts over a dozen student-led societies and a number of alumni-led initiatives.

The next 5 years

The ambition of the Milestone Institute for the next 5 years is to lay the foundations for a campus that will realise the pioneering vision of a knowledge port, a space that puts theories into practice and assembles knowledge through a global network, disseminating and actively producing it via interdisciplinary initiatives in key areas of socio-political, economic, cultural, scientific and technological development.


Wesselényi u. 17
HU-1077, Budapest

Bank Account Number: 


Dániel Léderer, Ádám Zeitler & György Greskovits

Péter Palasics

Head of External Relations, Head of Solutions Lab:
Ádám Zeitler

Head of the Academic Programme:
György Greskovits


Number of students:
Founding Students: 5
Academic Year 2010/11: 35
Academic Year 2011/12: 80
Academic Year 2012/13: 110
Academic Year 2013/14: 185
Academic Year 2014/15: 280
Academic Year 2015/16: 297
Academic Year 2016/17: 323
Academic Year 2017/18: 325
Academic Year 2018/19: 343
Academic Year 2019/20: 349
Academic Year 2020/21: 351
Academic Year 2021/22: 382
Academic Year 2022/23: 402

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