Milestone Advising Programme

Mit nyujt a Milestone

For over a decade the Milestone Institute has been successfully providing high-quality, student-centred education and academic enrichment for high school students. Our unique educational philosophy ensures the intellectual development of our students. The Milestone Advising Programme combines our exceptional approach and experience in an intensive, personalized 10-week course.

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What are the main feature of the programme?

  • Intensive: The student will participate in a 10-week long “Advising Sprint” (may participate in several “sprints” in a row). During this time, they will meet weekly with a highly experienced senior Milestone mentor who will support them in achieving their personal educational goals.
  • Individualised: At entry student decides what they want to focus on during the programme, whether it is orientation, preparing for university admissions or building their university portfolio. Advising meetings are centred around the student’s individual educational needs in the form of tailored tips and suggestions.
  • Goal-oriented: The Milestone Institute firmly believes in using project-based work to support our students in achieving their educational goals. The project work is completed by the student by week 9, with feedback from their mentor to aid further developing their project.
  • Flexible: The Milestone Advising Programme provides students the opportunity to participate in one or several consecutive Advising Sprints.

What could the student gain from the programme?

  • Feedback on what is needed to achieve their goals and ambitions
  • Assistance with finding student’s niche and capitalizing on their strengths in profile building
  • Familiarity with university systems and application processes (eg. in the UK, the US, the EU, Asia)
  • Strategic education planning and professional skill development
  • Experience in individual research, admissions interview and test preparation strategies, and university admissions portfolio review
  • Access to Milestone best practices, guides and resources
  • Support from highly experienced and successful Milestone mentors

The three key pillars of the programme:

  • Orientation: Together, we aim to explore the student’s personal intellectual interests and passions. A strong emphasis is placed on matching ambitions with individual abilities and strengths. Ongoing career guidance is provided throughout the programme.
  • Profile Building: We strive to ensure that our students’ portfolios are complete, complex and logically structured, as profile building is a multi-stage process in the programme. We provide strategic advice to support our students’ academic and extra-curricular development in order to build their profile. In addition to knowledge and skill development, we also provide guidance on internships, volunteering, activism and research.
  • University Appliation: The advising may also cover university and vocational choices. We also offer support in writing cover letters and admission essays. We can support the student’s development with practicing personal interview situations and sharing strategies for preparing for entrance tests.

Overview of the Milestone Advising Programme:

Advising Sprint Timeline:

Week 1 – Orientation and advisor allocation
Week 2-3 – Diagnostics and planning of major deliverable
Week 4-8 – Core advising period
Week 9 – Submission of major deliverable
Week 10 – Parental meeting to present and discuss progress report

Advising Sprint Programme elements:

Kick-off session: 45 minutes
Advising: weekly 45 minutes (9 times)
Parental meeting: 2 x 60 minutes (beginning and end of first sprint, may vary in case of second or later sprints)

Tuition fee

The Milestone Advising Programme’s tuition fee consists of parts:
– 1.000.000 HUF contribution towards the Milestone Scholarship Fund at entry;
– 650.000 HUF per Advising Sprint.

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