22/2 – Magic in the Making

Module Leader:
Szentpály Dalma Tímea
2022-2023 Ősz
Művészetek és Bölcsészettudományok

Do you wonder what goes on behind the scenes? How you can create a movie or theater scene from script to screen and stage?

This course introduces students to the magical world of theatre and performance production and movie-making through a learning experience based on collaboration and creative exploration. To offer a peek into what goes on behind the curtain, the play script and characters of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream will serve as a basis to invite students to embark on a journey akin to theatre-makers and mimic the creative process of producing a play for the stage. With a focus on the process of creation rather than the product, during the term, students will put on the roles of directors, actors, and playwrights. Without the actual pressure of performing and on-the-spot dramatization, they will research their assigned characters, engage with and analyze different ways of depiction, map out relationships and at the end arrive at their own creative vision of what happens after the final words are uttered on the page.

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