22/2 – Area Studies: Far East

Module Leader:
Zala László
2022-2023 Ősz

Area Studies: Far East is an interdisciplinary module that focuses on topics related to China, Japan, and the Korean Peninsula. The goal of this module is to help students better understand East Asia, past and present. From ancient Chinese philosophy to 21st century kung fu films, from Godzilla to modern Japanese marketing, from the Joseon dynasty to North Korea’s ruling Kim family, we will cover a wide range of topics. In addition, we will explore some of the core concepts that are essential to the study of East Asia, including Said’s Orientalism, Lye’s Asiatic form, and Boas’ cultural relativism. We will also touch upon current events, including but not limited to the current Taiwan situation, and students will have the opportunity to dive more deeply into the areas that interest them the most.

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