21/3 – SAT Strategies

2021-2022 Tavasz
Skill Development

SAT Strategies is an intensive foundation course rooted in practice and improvement for all who wish to take the SAT and apply to a college or university in the USA. Please note that the module is comprised of 2 sessions per week.

In addition to completing full practice tests and individual test sections on their own, students will also review and learn effective strategies that will help them succeed in real test conditions. Overall, the module has the following aims:

1.To familiarize students with the format and requirements of the SAT
2.To identify students’ individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses in relation to the SAT
3.To learn strategies for tackling the verbal and mathematics sections
4.To learn vocabulary and etymology skills to improve coherency of exam language.

Please note that a separate SAT Test Prep module (4 credits) will be offered to students in the summer term, following this module. The SAT Test Prep module will not be taught, but instead will offer its students the opportunity to take 7 practice tests online and 1 mock exam in a realistic, timed condition. It is strongly recommended for students to take the SAT Test Prep module as well, as research proves that continued and consistent practice leads to higher scores.

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