21/2 – Evolution and Behaviour

2021-2022 Ősz
Elmélyülés 1

There are infinite wonders to be discovered when you venture into the realm of evolution. From the microscopic ballet of molecules inside the cell all the way to birds migrating over continents, the diversity of organisms is almost too vast to comprehend. In the sprawling garden of life, one can easily lose one’s way and fall victim to misleading theories.

The aim of this module is not primarily to show you the many examples of how life prevails under the most impossible of circumstances, but to give you a compass to find your way in the jungle of theories and observations concerning the development of life. By following a quasi-historical storyline, the module will introduce you to modern evolutionary theory making sure that you understand all important steps in the story, all important elements of this magnificent theoretical edifice.

We invite you to join us on a sometimes provocative, but always insightful journey, which will lead us from questions raised by the earliest fossil findings in the 19th century to questions concerning our own family relations and partner choices based on present day Darwinist perspectives. And naturally to further open questions, and a different view of the world.

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