21/2 – Economics Tutorial

2021-2022 Ősz
Matematikai és Műszaki Tudományok

The Economics Tutorial is part of a new Milestone initiative in the Academic Year 2019/20 to provide high-achieving Senior Laikas with a profound understanding of their chosen field a “masterclass” – a dedicated series of sessions with the aim of preparing students for the admissions process of Oxbridge and Ivy League universities.

The aim of the Economics Tutorial is thus two-fold: 1) to consolidate Senior students’ pre-existing knowledge of Economic Theory, Microeconomics and Calculus, and 2) translate this theoretical knowledge to a practical ability of using academic knowledge and reasoning skills within the framework of Economics as both an intellectual discipline and a demanding undergraduate degree course.

In doing so, this module expressly aims to prepare Seniors for the rigorous Economics admissions process of Cambridge, Oxford and US Ivy League universities and colleges. We will closely mirror and utilize publicly available information regarding the admissions process and “study for the interview”, while also not forgetting to view Economics as a versatile discipline and mental framework able to address everyday problems, and providing a smooth transition to the undergraduate Economics experience next year.

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