21/2 – Artificial Minds

2021-2022 Ősz
Freshman Modules

What do minds do? Human minds are quite complex; perhaps too complex for a human mind to comprehend? What about animal minds and artificial minds? The aim of this module is to give a solid foundation and introduction to artificial intelligence (AI). We will concentrate on common methods (eg. machine learning, artificial neural networks) and survey cutting edge applications in various domains of intelligence including: vision, navigation, language. The module is suitable for students with no or limited knowledge in the topic. Students interested in numerical and natural sciences are both welcome. What are artificial minds good at? Which one is harder: playing chess or changing diapers? How is state of the art artificial intelligence (AI) doing? Is it “weak”, “strong”, too “narrow”? Given the rapidly increasing pile of narrow intelligences, how long will it be before someone figures out how to integrate them and produce all of the broad, deep, and subtle features of human intelligence? Do we believe the cognitive scientist Steven Pinker, who thinks “Human-level AI is still the standard fifteen to twenty-five years away, just as it always has been…” or should we pay more attention to the AI optimists?

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