Evolution and Behaviour

2020-2021 Ősz
Elmélyülés 1

There are infinite wonders to be discovered when you venture into the realm of evolution. From the microscopic ballet of molecules inside the cell all the way to birds migrating over continents, the diversity of organisms is almost too vast to comprehend.
But in this sprawling garden of life, one can easily loose their way and fall victim for attractive, but misleading theories. The aim of this module is therefore not primarily to show you the many examples of how life prevails under the most impossible circumstances, but to give you a compass to find your way through the entangled ideas and principles of how evolution creates variety, and understand how constant change results in the current snapshot of life’s historical march.
I therefore invite you to join me on a provocative, insightful and adventurous journey, which will lead us to further questions, perspectives and perhaps a different view of the world as we know it.

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