Understanding Space

Module Leader:
Bálint Dóra
2018-2019 Ősz

The aim of this module is to introduce the interconnectedness and complexity of spatial processes for students which surround us in the 21st century. The participants will go beyond the traditional (and false) image of Geography which only focuses on the questions ‘where’ and instead we will explore the ‘whys’; the causes, impacts and effects of events in different geographical scales from global to local. Underway, we will affect globalisation, demographics, urbanisation, risk and resource management with the help of case studies and different tasks which are based on the structure of International Geography Olympiad (iGeo), the largest and most prestigious competition held annually. The course also uses relevant parts of geography textbooks. The course helps students develop skills in reasoning, problem-solving, text comprehension, analyzing diagrams, maps or other visual resources and skills which necessary to synthesize and present geographical patterns. The module will be useful not only for students who have a specific interest in Geography but everyone, who wants a basic knowledge about recent spatial processes which also essential for future leaders.

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