Portfolio Development

Module Leader:
Boros Judit Zita
2018-2019 Ősz
Művészetek és Bölcsészettudományok

This module is for students who are interested in applying to Art and Design foundation courses or directly to creative programmes. Students will receive assistance developing a portfolio of work that best represents their creativity and skills, learn how to prepare and edit a body of work and focus their production towards specific goals.

Students will have to fine-tune previous projects and assignments for inclusion in their portfolios, and in addition will have to conduct individual research and develop new portfolio pieces. They will develop their research skills and understand how to build ideas through experimentation, followed by concept development. Emphasis will be on continuous documentation and on further developing their statements of intent. Students will be encouraged to solve problems creatively through research and practice and develop a greater sense of critical awareness.

Students will have to present their work regularly, and prepare to give and receive feedback in peer-groups. The module will be based on group discussion and individual mentoring on in-process works. Guest artist or professionals in the specific fields of study will be invited to provide critiques and feedback (via online appearances).

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