Greek Tragedy

Module Leader:
Csepregi Ildikó
2018-2019 Tavasz
Művészetek és Bölcsészettudományok

In the classical Greek and Roman periods theatre reflected major religious, political and social issues. Moreover, ancient drama established key trends in the development of Western theatre. Tragedy (originating in religious choral odes) looked squarely at what makes us human and how people deal with nightmarish circumstances. Comedy (developing out of fertility rituals) looked at how we best perpetuate ourselves and our communities.
This course examines the Greek tragedy through its most celebrated plays, starting from the well-known and reaching out into the unknown territories of literature and mythology. The class involves close reading, discussion, film and theatre, performance workshops, and presentations that
explore the concrete dimensions of performance in the ancient world. Anyone with a passion for theatre, literature, the arts, and knowledge is welcome.
The module has two sides: reading and understanding Greek theatre pieces and a more hands-on activity, that is, some practical sessions that discuss various aspects of performance, staging, props, costumes and their representation in both ancient and modern theatre.

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