Discrete Mathematics

Module Leader:
Mala József
2018-2019 Ősz
Elmélyülés 1
Matematikai és Műszaki Tudományok

The aim of this course is to introduce the students into the world of discrete mathematics, its basic ideas and methods of solving problems. The students of this course will find the knowledge gained here in later math studies such as in probability theory (which is part of basic and advanced mathematics courses) very useful. The course is mainly offered to students who intend to study mathematics, engineering or computer science but anyone who would like to enhance his/her problem solving skills is welcome, since elementary high school math will be sufficient here. During the course we will also consider real life examples and will see how our learned discrete methods can be applied to them. Examples are poker, voting, chip design, map coloring, etc. Students are expected to take part actively in the problem solving part of the classes.

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