Business Cases

Module Leader:
Karig Luca Sára
2018-2019 Ősz
Elmélyülés 1

Milestone Institute’s ‘Business Cases’ module aims to introduce students to some of the issues of management and business and provide the foundations for further studies in the UK or US. The module provides an interdisciplinary academic context for students, as prevailing notions from Economics, Finance or Psychology will be presented for each of the cases studied. The module uses the Harvard Business School’s case method. This method draws upon real-life challenges that leading companies, non-profit or governmental organisations face and gives students the chance to be in the shoes of the managerial decision-makers. There is no one-best-way to solve any of these cases, rather the aim is to spur debate and illustrate that there can be several approaches and possible solutions to a given problem. Students are encouraged to take a critical perspective on academic theories and business tools and to apply them to real problems and solutions. The module helps students to develop skills in research, textual comprehension, presentation, reasoning and team-work. The topics can provide the basis for individual research projects and in turn provide strong content for the personal statement. In addition, students will develop their problem-solving skills and gain experience in strategic/management consulting roles.

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