Academic Writing Workshop

Module Leader:
Havas Ádám Kornél
2018-2019 Ősz
Művészetek és Bölcsészettudományok

This obligatory workshop has been developed for students who may need additional support in academic writing. The aim of this module is to strengthen skills that are essential for creating an academic essay and to prepare students for delivering original intellectual works of a chosen topic related to their academic pathways. In addition to learning important essay writing techniques, students will develop solid knowledge related to the structuring of an essay, the build-up of an academic argumentation, correct referencing and stylistic questions. The module is suitable for students with no or limited knowledge on this topic. As an outcome, students will become more confident and efficient in writing academic essays and will be equipped with practical tools which they can use in their future academic career. The workshop consists of 4 sessions taking place every second week throughout the Fall semester. During the first 2 sessions, we will discuss previous essays related to the Academic Writing and other modules the students had to submit a written assignment. During the last two sessions, students will receive quality guidance regarding the development of the essays they are preparing for their current modules.

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