Texts in Sociology

Module Leader:
Havas Ádám Kornél
2017-2018 Tavasz
Elmélyülés 1

This module provides an introduction to some trends in social sciences by discussing fundamental theoretical and methodological concerns in an interactive form. The structure of the module is not intended to keep a strict chronological order, rather it is designed to illustrate some significant trends in the development of social sciences. The module is organized around the in-depth discussion of texts (2 sessions/text) written by four (classic) social scientists and social theorists: Max Weber, Norbert Elias, Clifford Geertz and Howard Becker. During the sessions we will take a close look on the selected texts with the goal of reconstructing the varying approaches and perspectives represented by the four authors. The structure of the module is as follows:
1. Max Weber’s concept on the creation of capitalism and the role of religion
occupied in it.
2. The social genesis of the concepts “culture” and “civilization” as outlined by
Norbert Elias.
3. The symbolic anthropology through Geertz’s article “Deep play: notes on the
Balinese cock fight”.
4. Finally we will discuss Becker’s approach to deviance as illustrated by the
“dance musicians” in Chicago.
By the active participation in the modules students will gain insight into the basic methodological and theoretical approaches in social sciences useful in the course of their further studies in social, political sciences and anthropology.

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