Academic Writing Catch Up

Module Leader:
Csontos Tamás
2017-2018 Ősz
English and Academic Writing, Készségtárgyak

The Critical Thinking and Communication Skills Module is compulsory
for all students entering the Milestone Institute in any one of the four years. It is designed to
allow the student, through a series of exercises, both individual and group, to think around a
variety of subjects in a critical way, to develop further presentational skills and to equip the
student with the necessary skills required for writing an academic essay.

The course will provide students with opportunities for both individual and group learning
through question and answer, discussion, research, presentation [oral and written] as well as
through game and video. Throughout, students will be specifically familiarised with
strategies, terms, concepts and ideas essential to an understanding of, and the mastering of,
the academic essay. In addition, and integral to the course, will be provision for the
improvement and refinement by students of their accurately spoken and written English.

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