The Art of Human Anatomy

Module Leader:
Nha Le
2016-2017 Nyár

Though ancient, human anatomy still fascinates modern scientists. Not only does it provide us with deep knowledge about our bodily architecture, but it also proves to us how sophisticated and well-tuned our body can be. Studying human anatomy at a deeper level will also enable students to get a glimpse of career choices in the biomedical field. Anatomy is amazing by itself as a scientific subject, but what happens if we look at the artistic side of this discipline? Approaching a science with an artist’s eye brings a new perspective to future scientists’ minds. Throughout the module, all parts of the body will be discussed as followed: lower and upper limbs, the skull with the brain, the thoracic and abdominal compartments and the pelvis. Moreover, as a separate chapter, the human skin structure will be elaborated in detail to widen the students’ knowledge of the body’s largest organ. Group assignments will be instructed to enhance students’ creativity. A final scientific project will be given based on an article’s structure that can be found in any typical scientific journal. The module is particularly suitable for students interested in medicine, human biology and fine art.

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