Feminism and Gender Inequality

Module Leader:
Nógrádi Noá
2016-2017 Ősz
Elmélyülés 1

This module introduces key issues of gender inequality and the main strands of feminist thought. The course is organised around three central themes: reproductive labour, care work and intra-household injustice; objectification and the representation of women; and masculinity and violence against women. Through these themes, we will explore the concepts and theoretical discourses in feminist thought, related debates between different feminisms, and the critical import of feminist insights to a variety of disciplines. The course will focus on developing students’ analytical and critical skills. Participants will acquire a ‘gender lens’. This means that you will become capable of applying a feminist perspective not only in everyday life but in social and political processes and phenomena more broadly. You will learn to identify and reflect on issues of gender inequality in your future disciplines and in academic sources.

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