Psychology and Biology of Sleep and Dreams

Module Leader:
Horváth Klára
2015-2016 Tavasz

The module will synthesise the knowledge of several disciplines about sleep and dreams.The module will synthesise the knowledge of several disciplines about sleep and dreams. Firstly, basic physiology and neuroscience will be covered using information from different levels, such as evidence from animal and human studies or cellular and system neuroscience. Then, we will look through the most influential theories of sleep and dreaming. This will require us to combine information from psychology and physiology and to understand the pros and cons of the different methodologies used. Sleep disorders will form another subtopic, covering the importance of evidence-based medicine and the pros and cons of diagnostic criteria. This will provide an opportunity to delve into the cultural aspects of mental illnesses as well. In the end, students should be able to demonstrate a good understanding of sleep physiology and the most recent theories of sleep functions. They should show sensitivity to the cultural and social aspects of sleep disorders. Students will also gain an understanding of the importance of evidence-based medicine. The most important skills this module will develop are critical thinking in the interpretation of research findings and the capability to synthesise information from different disciplines. The course would be helpful for anyone interested in the biological sciences, psychology and medicine.

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