Ideas of Beauty

Module Leader:
Turai Katalin Andrea
2015-2016 Ősz
Művészetek és Bölcsészettudományok

This course helps the students explore what the role of beauty is in our lives through the study of some of the most famous and intriguing texts In the Western philosophical tradition seeking to answer the following questions: I. what is beauty? II. what is the possible relationship between the pursuit of beauty and of truth? Does aesthetic experience reveal profound truths that otherwise could not be explored in our everyday mindset? III. does aesthetic experience have a liberating force? What is the relationship between aesthetic experience and acting and thinking freely? IV. how might aesthetic experience enable us to lead a better life? Participants will gain insight into how ideas on beauty have evolved from Plato, through Kant to contemporary theorists (Dewey) and theoretical texs will always be accompanied by examples. The course helps students to develop interpretive skills, analyse concepts and apply their ideas to concrete situations. The module will be especially useful for anyone interested in arts, philosophy, and psychology.

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