Engineering Lab II.

Module Leader:
James Moffet
2015-2016 Tavasz
Matematikai és Műszaki Tudományok

How does research become reality? How do we learn via making? In this module we will explore the FabLab (aka Makerspace) as a tool for understanding the world and trying to change it. Building on the first semester’s lessons in how to investigate a design problem, we now investigate tools for developing our solutions. The first half of the spring term will consist of practical lessons in various technologies, including 3D scanning/modeling/printing, computer programming, electronics design (Arduino) and more. The second half of the term will consist of using these tools to pursue a collective class project. Most classes will be held in the Fablab on Eötvös street. Students are expected to be self-motivated and to think critically (out loud!) about their fellow students’ work.

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