Natural Sciences

Module Leader:
Hódsági János
2014-2015 Nyár

The understanding of Natural Sciences is a key competence in everyday life and in professional sphere as well. The aim of this module is to provide systems-level knowledge of scientific thinking in order to establish the basics of further, more specific knowledge in Natural Sciences.
The grounds of this scientific thinking will be created with the help of network-based studies, with the introduction of four basic levels of natural systems: (1) atomic and subatomic structures forming molecules, (2) molecules acting together as a cell, (3) the cooperation of cells providing us the opportunity to be a human entity, and (4) the network of an individual organism forming the ecological level.
During their studies the students will learn about the organization of their cells, and put its functions together in order to examine experimentally, how their cardiovascular system reflects to physical exercise. They will familiarize with recent problems, such as the spreading of the Ebola virus or the solution of the problems of 3D tissue and organ printing. During their own research based on the above mentioned problems, with the help of reading relevant academic literature, comparing recent popular and scientific articles, they will have the opportunity to get a deeper insight in how research and development works.
The main objectives of the Natural Sciences module are (1) to provide systems-level understanding of the scientific thinking, (2) to help the students to solve scientific problems by individual and cooperative thinking and (3) to establish the basis of more specific further scientific studies.

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