Computer Science (Introduction to Programming)

Module Leader:
Barnabás Szabolcs
2013-2014 Nyár
Matematikai és Műszaki Tudományok

The Milestone Institute’s computer science course aims to introduce students to the unexpectedly diverse filed of computer science to help them later choosing a suitable discipline within computer science. The course focuses on solving problems by breaking them into parts. Accordingly, an emphasis will be put on reclusive problems and on elements of functioning programming, a central concept in academic computer science education. The seminar aims to cover themes that are not seen in high school programming contests via introducing entry-level yet real-life problems. The material is presented in a way to invoke the students creative capabilities, inspiring them to come up with personal research projects, whereby they can earn solid foundations for further study in the UK and US. (The Programming module aims to give an introduction to the fundamental concepts of programming in the Linux environment. As a first step, the students will become familiar with an open-source operating system. Thereafter, actual programming tasks will be carried out in different languages concentrating both on concepts that are common to them and the differences between them. In order to provide insights into several technologies, the benefits and the disadvantages of Python, a high-level language and C, a low-level language, are investigated. The course is intended for students who are interested in programming but have no experience in it yet; advanced programming techniques are thus out of the scope of this module.)

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