For Schools

Photo: Gabriella Dohi

The educational programme of the Milestone Institute builds on the knowledge that our students acquire at school. Therefore, Milestone does not replace secondary school education, as students can only study at the Institute in parallel with high school (or, in some cases, while they are already enrolled in a Hungarian university but plan to restart their studies abroad). As a result, students from 73 different Hungarian high schools currently attend our programme.

We maintain good relations with many high school principals, subject teachers and form teachers because we believe that a student’s success is always a joint achievement; it is the common result of the students’ hard work, together with the mutually reinforcing contributions made by the school and Milestone.

In addition to regular visits and lectures in schools, we also provide consultation services in educational matters upon request. Maintaining collaborative relationships with talent development programmes is of paramount importance to us. We constantly seek new opportunities to form collaborations with high schools, whether it’s about community building, education or sharing experiences and expertise about all aspects of studying abroad.

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