Educational Philosophy

The Milestone Institute is committed to a student-centred education that stresses independent study, emphasises original research and project work, and encourages immersion in advanced academic topics as well as empirical encounters. Students are taught individually through mentoring or in small groups and are supported in setting up societies in order to develop transferable skills and find the field that best corresponds to their talents.

The Institute’s teaching is indebted to the foundations students receive in their secondary schools. Building on this basis, students become acquainted with the cutting edge of contemporary academic debate and research in a broad range of subjects. In this endeavour, we strive to involve a broad range of organisations, including NGOs, think tanks, research laboratories, foundations and companies, in order to provide students with the opportunity to immerse themselves in a particular profession and field and to learn through practice from leading experts.

We are dedicated to the idea that each of our students has something exceptional to offer and that it is our task to create the environment in which their talents can emerge and flourish. Regardless of their age, ethnic background, sexual orientation, gender or social status, we look upon our students as equals, partners in a project to develop their skills and abilities.

As stated in our Founding Document, we “expect from our students exacting analysis, disciplined reflection, aesthetic appreciation and lucid expression” and aim to prepare them “intellectually and morally, for service in Hungary and the world as responsible citizens, endowed with conviction, integrity, and committed to the betterment of society through innovation, economic development, political activism and social initiative.” We want to push frontiers, expanding the imagination and knowledge of our students and preparing them for leadership in their private and professional lives, in the service of the societies they inhabit.

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