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We create opportunities

Our mission is to educate those who play a crucial role in forming the future of Hungary. Our leaders must come from all walks of life and represent people from all backgrounds; too many have no say in what the future holds. Our goal is to ensure that tomorrow’s Hungary can be shaped by everyone.

Here, you can help make this vision happen.

You can contribute to our merit– and needs–based scholarships either through singular or regular donations. The scholarships give the chance to any student, regardless of their background, to find the solutions to the challenges of our future.

Support Outstanding Talent

As a nonprofit organisation, we offer our students scholarships that are in part funded by donations, so we welcome contributions of any amount. A donation of HUF 330,000 covers the full cost of a student’s tuition across one term.

Support our scholarship holders
Contribute to our scholarship fund via PayPal! (Payment by credit/debit card, available without registration.)
Other ways to donate
Private or corporate donation
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Who do we support?

Milán was born in Eastern Hungary, as a child of social workers. Thanks to parental donation, he participated in Milestone Institute’s comprehensive education programme for two years on a Bridge Scholarship, receiving full tuition fee support. He is currently a student at the world-leading University of St Andrews. Read more about Milan’s story in the article published in Eduline (in Hungarian).

How do we offer support?

Since its foundation, Milestone Institute’s scholarship programme has supported the studies of 477 students with a total of HUF 150 million. Find our more about the funding of our scholarship system HERE.

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