Awarded tenders

The Milestone Institute has successfully applied for two National Talent Programme tenders, with financial support from the Ministry of Human Resources.

Student Olympiad: Milestone Debating Society

The aim of the competition is to select, prepare and support the participation of the debating team representing Hungary, debating in the British Parliamentary style, in the world’s most prestigious international events, such as the Oxford Schools’ Debating Competition for high school students and the ICYD competition for students under 15. Through a community of students, coaching teachers and judges, the goal also consists of building a sustainable community that grows year on year, enabling students to represent Hungary at a higher level in international competitions.

The competition has allowed talented Milestone students to show the world how well-equipped they are in debating.

Innovative: Jakobsleiter

The aim of the programme is to create a talent management programme that introduces talented high school students and parents committed to talent management to good practices and discursive, interdisciplinary approaches within the field.

Participating students and parents of highly talented children discussed the key challenges of the 21st century and the importance of an interdisciplinary approach in small group workshops and open debates in a total of 16 sessions between January and May 2021. The expert-led seminars raised complex socio-technical issues whose discussion and understanding directly contribute to interdisciplinary science, society and humanities talent management.

An essay competition was also launched in conjunction with the workshop, and the submissions were peer-reviewed before being published as the first issue of an academic journal following the implementation of the programme.