World School Debating Championships (WSDC) Success

We are happy to announce that the Milestone Emerald Team (Julianna Balázs, Lili Törőcsik, Ádám Vas and Szabolcs Veress) has won the Hungarian qualifiers of WSDC (World School Debating Championships) with a unanimous decision (3–0) from the esteemed judges of the Grand Final.
The winning team has the option to supplement Team Hungary by adding a member from the Runner Up Team (Engame Omega). The Runner Up Team members were Anna Lévay, Hanna Bánhidai, Boróka Dunai, Rebeka Petra Pusztai and Péter Jagos. We hereby congratulate them for their performance and we hope they enjoyed the debate as much as Milestone Emerald did.
Special mention goes to Lili Törőcsik who was unanimously voted ‘Best Speaker’ of the Grand Final round by the judges (Loke Wing Fatt., Prince Mohammed and Anna Bánhegyi).
“It was an honour to meet fellow excellent Hungarian debaters at the qualifiers for the World Schools Debating Championship. We got to debate on some very interesting topics and be judged by the best judges in the world. I am very lucky to be able to represent Hungary at the WSDCs this summer and continue working with my teammates who I look up to as the best debaters in the country.” – added Lili.
Originally, WSDC 2022 was going to take place in Macau in July, however, according to current plans, it will be organised in the Netherlands (possibly online) in August.
Last, but not least we would like to express gratitude to our competitive debating coach, András Balázsy, who supported the team in their preparation, as well as contributed to the organisation of the qualifiers.
Once again, congratulations to the Milestone Emerald Team!

Milestone News

28th March, 2023

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