We are proud to announce that our corporate partner, C3D has been successfully supporting its clients with complex solutions, engineering services, and counselling, and has been continuously looking for opportunities for innovation in the field of R&D&I projects for 20 years. To celebrate the two-decade anniversary together, we organised a large-scale birthday event for the company in November. At the event, we spoke – among others – about C3D’s past, its current projects (ranging from intelligent office chairs to fusion energy), and about the engineer of the future, discussing the effects of technology on the individual, on society, and on knowledge.

Solutions Lab’s team works on supporting enterprises as counsellors in resolving their everyday challenges, and in creating a bridge between the realms of academia and business by transforming the scientific resources of our Institute into tangible knowledge.  

After having cooperated for several years with our partner, C3D, our companies decided to organise the technological counsellor’s birthday party along with a specialist conference together. During the day, we didn’t only look back on the previous two decades with our panellists, but also discussed the presence and future of technology. We examined exciting questions like what the most important item is in an engineer’s toolkit, what future the profession may look forward to, or what influence technology may have on individuals, on our society, and on gathering and utilising knowledge. 

Besides broadening Solutions Lab’s scope of activities with a new item, the event also proved once again that the realms of business and academia can not only coexist, but they actually complement each other. We will keep working on this in the future, and we will embark upon cooperation with all of our partners with the same level of professionalism. 

Take a look at our photo gallery of the event.